Why You Should Get Away For A Yoga Retreat In Kenya

Yoga Retreat In Kenya
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Multiple lodges have yoga sessions

Yoga Retreat In Kenya

Find yourself in the middle of a safari park at a game lodge where yoga and meditation courses are held daily in the great outdoors. Campi Ya Kanzi is a popular place for a yoga retreat where groups can lay their yoga mats on the mountaintops. There, you’ll meet other like-minded folks with a passion for nature, adventure and of course, yoga. Or for a smaller yoga gathering, you can check out scores of gaming lodges that have more intimate yoga courses.

You can contribute toward a good cause

Africa Yoga Project

Part of being involved with the yoga community is being aware of your surroundings and giving back when you can. That’s why you should look into the Africa Yoga Project, an organization based in Kenya that teaches yoga, one community at a time. You can go on a teacher training for 200 hours before becoming certified. But if you don’t have the time to get certified in Kenya, you can opt for Seva Safaris, where a group of passionate yoga lovers go on several-day trips throughout the country, visiting safari parks, local communities, and doing yoga sessions in various spots across the beautiful land. Fees for joining the tour go to supporting locals and guests to teach youths to become yoga instructors.

There is healthy food everywhere

Africa Yoga Project

Kenya is known for its incredibly large fruits, vegetables and wholesome, unprocessed food — the perfect place for health freaks to try out new food. Whether dining at a restaurant in Nairobi or walking through a market place, expect an abundance of healthy meals and snacks readily available for you. Whether you’re a meat lovers, vegan, or raw foodist, you’ll find it easy to maintain your diet in Kenya.

The scenery is so varied


You can opt to do your meditation facing the ocean or neck deep in the wilderness, the scenery in Kenya is quite varied. Some yoga enthusiasts will prefer to do their exercises with their toes in the sand on a pristine beach, others prefer a high mountain while curious monkeys look on. Whatever you decide to go with, you can do it all in this country. A popular yoga retreat spot is Lamu Island in Kenya, a beautiful island accessible only by boat, surrounded by Islamic architecture and the atmosphere of a tropical island.

You can go on safaris in-between yoga sessions


Why not get in touch with Mother Earth and her creatures by doing a yoga retreat and a safari afterwards? In Kenya, it’s possible to enjoy a rejuvenating yoga session on a breezy hill before hopping on a jeep tour to see grazing giraffes, elephants, lions, zebras and more. Check with several national park and game lodges that offer both safari tours and yoga sessions to spice up your adventure. You can stay at luxury lodges or go camping at a no-frills campsite and do yoga during sunset as the red sun kisses the top of Mount Kenya.

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