How a chief defied apartheid and upheld democracy for the good of his people

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By Jill E. Kelly, Associate Professor of History, Southern Methodist University The recently released report of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s advisory panel on land reform, and the latest efforts to force through two controversial traditional authority bills, point to the continued legacies of changes to the relationship between traditional leaders, their followers, and land […]

What’s next for Tunisia after Essebsi’s death?

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By Dr. Noureddine Aloui , sociology lecture in the Tunisian National University The late president slipped away without leaving a strong political legacy, with his allies seemingly the first to move on and his party fragmented into five. When we were children, our elders would say that former president Habib […]

There’s Need For More Disruption In Africa’s Tech Scene


By Olukayode Kolawole For most people living outside Africa, they imagine the continent as the home of poverty, corruption, internet fraud, infrastructure deficit, and everything that describes under-development, marginalization, oppression, bad leadership, insecurity, diseases, and many more. Although the continent is truly beset with some perennial development issues, some of these notions […]

What needs to be done to resolve the digital divide in South Africa and Africa as a whole?

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Background Whenever politicians make speeches about innovation and future technology prospects, they will not omit the words “4th industrial revolution” and “digital divide”, which would make us assume that the government understands the technological problems we are facing as a country and are possibly implementing solutions to those problems. The […]

Four agriculture-focused companies to inspire Africa


This article features excerpts from the London Stock Exchange Group’s Companies to Inspire Africa 2019 report. The agricultural sector is an engine of job creation in Africa and accounts for about 60% of total employment in the sub-Saharan region, while the share of jobs across the food system is potentially much larger. […]