African countries need to up their game to embed constitutional democracy

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Charles Manga Fombad, University of Pretoria The issue of constitutional literacy has attracted very little attention in scholarship on constitutionalism in Africa. Constitutional literacy involves educating people about a country’s constitution. This gap isn’t surprising because most early constitutions were imposed by departing colonial powers. They were perceived as alien […]

Africa is leapfrogging into digital agriculture


By Muhammadou M.O. Kah Professor of Information Technology and Computing at The American University of Nigeria. Africa’s demand for food is growing. Between 2010 and 2030, the total worth of its food industry is projected to hit the $1 trillion mark. While existing technologies like improved seeds and fertilizers will […]

Women-led businesses key to unemployment alleviation in SA – Sandwich Baron CEO


Sandwich Baron CEO and founder Sally J’Arlette-Joy believes that women-led businesses are the key to alleviating South Africa’s growing unemployment rate. She says that female entrepreneurs will generate 90% of the 11 million new jobs projected for 2030 by the National Development Plan (NDP). J’Arlette-Joy’s sentiments come when Statistics South […]