Trump impeachment: What happens next?

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When will the Senate hold trial? What will it look like? Your guide to Trump’s impeachment. The Democratic-led House of Representatives voted largely along party lines to impeach US President Donald Trump for obstruction of Congress and abuse of power over his dealings with Ukraine.  Trump is only the third United States president to be impeached. […]

African countries need to up their game to embed constitutional democracy

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Charles Manga Fombad, University of Pretoria The issue of constitutional literacy has attracted very little attention in scholarship on constitutionalism in Africa. Constitutional literacy involves educating people about a country’s constitution. This gap isn’t surprising because most early constitutions were imposed by departing colonial powers. They were perceived as alien […]

How a chief defied apartheid and upheld democracy for the good of his people

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By Jill E. Kelly, Associate Professor of History, Southern Methodist University The recently released report of President Cyril Ramaphosa’s advisory panel on land reform, and the latest efforts to force through two controversial traditional authority bills, point to the continued legacies of changes to the relationship between traditional leaders, their followers, and land […]

What’s next for Tunisia after Essebsi’s death?

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By Dr. Noureddine Aloui , sociology lecture in the Tunisian National University The late president slipped away without leaving a strong political legacy, with his allies seemingly the first to move on and his party fragmented into five. When we were children, our elders would say that former president Habib […]